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A Journey through the Flood

The Proglomenon Bihar and Floods are synonymous. One can only imagine the pain of the inhabitants of the region, especially the northern part, which has a lot of wild, deep and strong streams of Himalayan rivers flowing. Even the strongest of barrages will feel tenuous against the might of these mighty water bodies, when turned wild, who otherwise are the lifeline of the region. Bihar has been one of the states, which is affected by floods almost every year. Blame it on the nebulous political approach or the nature, Bihar is yet to get rid of this. I am writing this memoir after 16 years. You can imagine the conditions then.   In 2004, the connectivity to the rest of the world also used to get impacted. It was way before the Golden Quadrilateral, a dream project of Late Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee shaped up, which now at least ensure the connectivity is not lost during the flood. The Long Summer I have completed my second semester. In my College, BIT Mesra, the semesters ending