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Ajanta & Ellora - A journey to the rich past

India's civilization dates way back to thousands of years, way before the modern date system was invented. India is a country, which was flourishing in terms of economy, culture, literature, arts and prosperity, when entire Europe was in dark age, when USA was yet to be found and Australia was yet to be colonized. India, was then a leader in education system, economics and trade. India, the land of rich literature, scientists and philosophers, India, the land of seekers, religions and devotees. There are many Indias within India. One such India, is the land of architects and architecture. This story is about the journey to the glorious pages of Indian history, to the prosperous era and rich past, a story of man made structures of a nearly impossible architecture, even modern day architects, with all their extremely advanced equipment, cannot make. It is a journey to the place of importance in history of India, an important city of Mughal and pre Mughal era, the journey to

Lake Placid & Adirondack Mountains -

Some of my excellent plans have been the plans made in a jiffy. This story is about a trip, which just happened, was planned over a cup of tea, within an hour. And it happened, because of the people, who were part of this trip. July 2014, 4th July was a Friday, which means, we had a long weekend. Long weekends in that part of world are not meant to stay at home, especially if they are during summers. We just discussed it over a cup of tea, it was agreed upon, that we will go somewhere. But where? It was yet to be decided. Vibhu bhai suggested Lake Placid, we all agreed. Since everyone in our group had some plan or other, so it was only four of us. jasu ben was included at last. Final group consist of five people, Jasu Ben, Vibhu bhai, Dhara, Sumu and I.  When Vibhu bhai is there, you need not to worry about anything, hotels, deals, food, plan, fun, Vibhu has the answer for everything. Vibhu bhai is resourceful.  The only input I had in this plan was, lets start on Thursday