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Three days of Thrill - Part 2 (of 2) - The Sunshine State

Tired, yet refreshed after two days on the wheels and hotel beds, we were ready for the Sunshine State. The Plan: Plan was simple. To enjoy Pensacola Beach during the day and return back to Alpharetta by dinner time and enjoy chinese cuisines before reaching home. 5 hours drive  back would leave us with little time to get home and order food from outside or cook at home. The Execution: We, as we have been habituated by now, started dot on time in the morning. Woke up, got refreshed and went straight to the dining area of the hotel, to have breakfast. Complementary or paid separately, we always eat light during travel. It makes us stay on roads for longer periods of time comfortably. After having breakfast, we hit the roads immediately. We were eager to visit the sunshine state and the famous Pensacola Beach as soon as we can. The destination was just a little more than an hour away. As they say, enjoy the journey than the destination. It happened to us as well.  I-10 has a long str

Three days of Thrill - Part 1 (of 2) - Alabama & Missouri -

This was a trip to an unknown section than usual holiday destinations of Indians in America. Alabama and Missouri don't come close to qualify for a holiday destination list, forget about topping it. We planned to visit the parts of three states down south of the USA, completely different from each other. Florida, the vibrant one, Missouri, the quite and subtle. Alabama, the historic, mostly we heard about it due to the song "Alabama" or the movie, "To kill a mockingbird". The Plan Day 1: Start early evening and stay somewhere near to the first destination, town of "Mobile" Day 2: Visit the historic war ship, USS Alabama and head to Mississippi afternoon. Return back to stay overnight in Mobile. Day 3: Visit the vibrant Pensacola Beach and shred all the fatigue in the clean water of the gulf of Mexico. Preparation Hotel bookings were important. Because plan was to convert a normal weekend to be felt like long weekend, by cutting down the t

Stamford to Alpharetta - Wherever Life Takes

Stamford Stamford, a place, where I lived for the longest in a stretch. My rented apartment in Stamford, CT, till date, is the place, where I lived most of my post college life, almost 3 Years.  18th July 2013 to 27th May 2016. The next best is another rented apartment in Noida, Sector 62. Thou we are modern day nomads, still we get attached with the places. So leaving Stamford, that apartment, that place, was tough. It would have been easier, if Stamford does not have the flavors of small towns and facilities of the big cities. It would have been easier, if my wife and I, have not liked the nearby chirpy downtown and the tranquil neighborhood. It would have been much easier, if we would not have made some great friends. And of course, the stability for 3 years. Stamford was unlike boring Norwalk, a place separated from Stamford by 10-12 miles, and our abode for around an year earlier. Leaving Norwalk never made us emotional. May be we were shifting back to India then. Special